Rhythms of Healing

“suffering is our resistance of our experience”  Donald Epstein


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What if everything you feel, sense, and experience is exactly your unique prescription for growing and thriving?  It is not the information, but what we are able to do with the information that makes a difference in our lives and others.  Reorganizational healing is an approach to healing and living where greater resourcefulness creates new possibilities for accessing our inner, energetic riches, and redirecting them to create an optimal state for self discovery, growth and awakening.  

Reorganizational healing makes you more present to the resources available through the senses, the posturing of our bodies, and the acknowledgment of our experience.  With deepened awareness, we can learn what we do and create with these resources.  With new strategies, our bodies and our lives will "reorganize" to a new state that matches our new awareness of these resources.

Uniquely, this approach acknowledges your pain and symptoms as vital messengers, alerting you to the state of your energy and ability of your body to adapt to your life.  Acceptance of this transforms our pain into our wisdom and leads to healing and greater wholeness.  


Are you suffering?  Does something feel wrong? Do you want this to just go away?  Do you feel stuck?  As we quest for a deeper sense of our true power, we begin this journey with discovery within ourselves.  We find what works and what doesn't.  What do we love to feel and what do we hate to feel?  How have we continuously repeated this pattern?  Our bodies mimic these thoughts and hold the keys to why this condition/situation does not seem to change or go away.  This is a time of deep discovery.


It is time to make a change!  We have had enough of what we have created in the past, have reclaimed our courage, and are now building up energy to make the changes that our lives call us to make.  But this is not just a mental exercise. There are rhythms to our expression. Learning new ways to move our bodies and redirect our energy and mind is essential in the creation and sustainability of new things.  This is a time of transformation.


Emptiness and serendipity abound when we have shed old patterns.  We often experience connection to our guides, great gratitude, and gifts of our service to those around us, as we know our essential role in the whole of community.  This is a time of awakening.


Our personal discovery, transformation, and awakening are informed by 12 basic rhythms of healing wisdom, each has a specific anchor within our experience of our body, breath, and ability to move.  Somato-respiratory Integration is a tool to become more aware, acknowledge, and be with the rhythm that contains the most medicine for us at a given moment. 

What rhythm are you right now?  How can you receive the medicine of this?

You can learn how to embrace your rhythms by moving your body, using your breath, and focusing attention with a series of specific exercises.  A deep sense of being ok, a feeling of peace, and even bliss occurs when we find and align with our rhythm. 


"I have experienced emergence of my deep knowing that has redefined who I am and how I act...  Once you know, there is no way to go back." C.H.

Somato-Respiratory Integration – Rhythms of Healing

Sometimes everyone feels stuck.  If you feel you deserve more than this and are ready to bust through old beliefs and patterns you can develop the skills to make changes. Or, if you are in the midst of change and transitions you can learn clarity of purpose and bring more service to the world.  As you learn to move with your inner rhythms you encounter a deep peace and feeling of your true self.   From this core we build better relationships and reduce the stress and anxiety of day to day life. 

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We are Embodied Wisdom

Within our experience is the medicine that we need to not only solve our problems, but also to align us with the resources necessary to bring full expression of our human potential.  Our bodies are a bridge of communication to embracing our experience.

Western culture favors the mind and has tendencies to control and minimize the rhythms of the body, hindering our communion with this abundant source of energy, resources, and wisdom. 

Somato-Respiratory Integration is a method for relearning and reconnecting to the medicine or rhythms of our bodies. Resistance of our rhythms, often from not “understanding”, creates our suffering.   Simple exercises allow us to become more aware, acknowledge, and accept our experience. 

These tools create greater self-regulation of stress and tension patterns.  They provide individuals with personal resources for receiving more of our experience.  Gentle awareness allows for a deep, kinesthetic awareness of our state.  When we receive more of our experience, we project less onto our external environment.  Acceptance of our role in our experience provides us the opportunity to be empowered.   This is the place of change and growth.

These tools provide us access to resources that are already within us and deliver an essential self-awareness.