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What if everything you feel, sense, and experience is exactly your unique prescription for growing and thriving?  It is not the information, but what we are able to do with the information that makes a difference in our lives and others.  Reorganizational healing is an approach to healing and living where greater resourcefulness creates new possibilities for accessing our inner, energetic riches, and redirecting them to create an optimal state for self discovery, growth and awakening.  

Reorganizational healing makes you more present to the resources available through the senses, the posturing of our bodies, and the acknowledgment of our experience.  With deepened awareness, we can learn what we do and create with these resources.  With new strategies, our bodies and our lives will "reorganize" to a new state that matches our new awareness of these resources.

Uniquely, this approach acknowledges your pain and symptoms as vital messengers, alerting you to the state of your energy and ability of your body to adapt to your life.  Acceptance of this transforms our pain into our wisdom and leads to healing and greater wholeness.  




"I have experienced emergence of my deep knowing that has redefined who I am and how I act...  Once you know, there is no way to go back." C.H.