The 5 Pillars of Le Coeur


Embodiment Connects Us

At Le Coeur our purpose is connection.  Connections to our bodies create greater depth and understanding within ourselves. When we need more than just relief from our pain, when we feel a longing that something else must change, this is a time to seek the wisdom of our experience. Through connection to our wisdom we know the changes we need to make. 

Remembering is Wisdom

Simply, it is encoded within us to both grow and heal. It is our birth right.  At Le Coeur, we associate people with the healing wisdom of the body to foster this natural experience.  Their medicine is in their ability to fully perceive and receive their experience. 


Practitioners at Le Coeur have extensive knowledge of human anatomy and healing rhythms.  They are experts in the development of your inner resources and in the promotion of those strategies.  The use of technologies to expand awareness plus support in relearning to interpret and trust your inner sense of your experience.  The development of emerging properties and functions, and greater integrity create new possibilities for clients.  You are the expert on your inner experience.

 Community Healing Space

Le Coeur is a community healing space.  The open space creates a shared experience.  The participants are able to feel the rhythms of others, hear their questions, and benefit from the answers.  We learn that though our condition may be uniquely individual to ourselves, we are not alone in our human experience.  As one person connects deeply to their truth within themselves, the ease of another in connecting to their truth is increased.  Our contribution and our receptivity build this community connection to our core humanity and deep healing. 


Our current medical system is failing to meet the needs of the community with escalating rates of illness and expense, depleting our national resources and creating dependency on this enveloping system.  The practices of Le Coeur focus on inner resources, which are abundant, always available, to everyone, everywhere.  Creating awareness, internal resourcefulness, and community support structures helps us to grow into new understanding of ourselves and our humanity during this time of rapid change.