Dr. Cynthia Bergh brings personal experience and caring to her practice. Her role with clients is to help them know more about themselves from the inside, and to help them develop the ability to be more adaptable on their own. In her care they are able to navigate life’s changes more effectively. What happens on the table is pretty amazing, but what is more amazing is what happens when the clients are able to apply the work to themselves. She is a healer and facilitator.

She cherishes people for who they are, and teaches them they can rely on their bodies for growth, and their body is a resource that’s always with them. Her goal is to help clients understand they are so much larger than their circumstances, and to realize they can live life from a new place of wisdom and oneness with their bodies. The integrated care provided at Le Coeur is empowering.

“Childhood memories of catching frogs and saving injured birds fill my heart with warmth. At seven, I couldn’t help but find myself dancing with the natural and palpable intelligence of life. This led me to study biology at the University of Delaware," says Dr. Cindy.

Dr. Cindy chose a career in chiropractic when she experienced a health crisis and traditional medicine left her feeling disconnected. The discovery of Network Spinal Analysis and the personal impact of it on her life was profound. “My stress levels dropped despite the intensity of the chiropractic program. Old unhealthy behaviors dropped away, and I began living more fully the healthy lifestyle aligned with my beliefs.” She graduated summa cum laude from New York Chiropractic College and continued her Network studies to become part 3 certified in 2004.

She is the mother of two beautiful girls. “I gave birth in our home surrounded by the loving arms of midwives and friends.” She makes her home with her family in Asheville, North Carolina and is an active part of the healing community. Creating a center for Embodied Wisdom has been a lifelong passion. “In the hard times, I have learned what is held most sacred to my inner being.  I have been energized by this to make changes that support me and my authentic expression.  I have found depth of connection within myself and others that nourishes my soul.  I see the impact on those around me as I dig deep and know the courage to be fully in communion.”

Network Spinal Analysis, Somato-respiratory Integration, Qi Gong, and other resources continue to transform her life everyday. She can help you do the same, to turn physical pain into life transformation. What needs your attention so you can create forward motion in your life? Let’s find out.  Set up a Consultation.