"Don't Kill the Messenger"


Pain is simply a message: 

Centuries ago, during the Middle Ages, when a messenger would be sent to deliver a message to the king or queen, they would be killed if the king or queen did not like the message, usually by beheading. Hence the phrase, "Don't kill the messenger".  

Similarly, when our bodies try to tell us something through pain or discomfort or a symptom often we reach for pain killers. We don't like the message, so we in effect "kill the messenger" by fooling our bodies and ourselves into taking the pain away.  Here at Le Coeur we believe the body's messages are vitally important and we should listen.

It is difficult to truly heal without the information your body is giving you. Your body knows what's wrong and knows what to do.  But it is hard to listen when your body may be telling you to stop and rest or to let go of an old habit.  Pain is debilitating. It is supposed to be.  Sirens are going off that something is wrong.  It is as if your body is shouting "Pay attention to what is going on over here!!!"

Our brains say, "I am too busy to feel this now!" or "This hurts too much."  What if we take the time to ask, "what is going on?"   Think of taking your car to a mechanic and saying, "The engine is making a rattling sound."  He answers, "Have you tried turning on the radio really loud or wearing earplugs." We think we are fixing the problem but we are finding better ways to ignore it by treating the symptom and not listening to the cause.  

The goal of our work at Le Coeur is to tap into the bodies messages and learn to listen and listen to learn.  Becoming in sync with the rhythm of your body helps you to decode the messages you are receiving.  In doing so, perception changes, pain and discomfort become meaningful and dissipate more easily. The body's wisdom and recovery process results in true freedom.