The Respiratory Wave

When a newborn baby breaths, even it's toes wiggle.  Every cell of its body is relaxed and in a state of healing and tremendous growth. You can see a rocking motion from the tip of the tailbone up to the skull.  This is the respiratory wave.  

As life's stresses wear on us, we fail to shrug off the repetitive tensions and our bodies begin to hold a physiology that prepares us more for fight or flight than growth and healing. The hallmark  of this important survival system is a subconscious holding of our breath, tightening of our muscles, and locking of our posture.  This system is storing and building energy.  Additionally, our focus is narrowed onto the apparent threat.  The big picture is now a low priority, given our need for survival in the moment. This restricted state consumes our bodies resources and limits us in moving forward.

This restricted state can be a factor in our escalating healthcare needs as some of our bodies personal healing resources are tied up and consumed by managing our stresses. 

A network chiropractor can stimulate the nervous system to pause, giving the body a moment to reset.  One of the first observations most clients make is an ease in their breathing.  This is the re-emergence of the respiratory wave.  This is a natural function of the spine, nervous, muscular, and respiratory
systems which allows for self-regulation of stresses.  Quite often after the respiratory wave returns to the spine, clients have a jump in awareness of their spine and body, as well as a view of the bigger picture.

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