Network Spinal ANALYSIS

Your body is trying to get your attention: Are you listening?

The nervous system coordinates efficient and effective sharing of information. From organ to organ, cell to cell, inside to outside, and outside to inside we are a magnificent dynamic orchestration of efficiency and energy exchange. Within our spinal column our peripheral nervous system meets our central nervous system. The information that we gather from our life experience is held within this information system, effectively creating your bodies wisdom and a wealth of resources when accessed.

The brainstem or reptilian brain is like a bodyguard who's always watching your back, constantly scanning the environment for potential threats. It decides whether you will move into fight or flight. The Limbic System contains the emotional memory that is the sum of your life's experiences. We use the thinking brain to process and make sense of experiences.  Often the body has more to tell. 

Through the gentle touch of Network Spinal Analysis, energy stored in these systems is released. The connectedness of your experiences is revealed. The body begins to correct itself through the waves of energy that flow through the brain and spine.  Old pain and experience stored within the body is released. Trapped personal energetic resources begin to move. Change occurs, making you stronger and more able to manage the day to day.  The resources for healing you have had all along are now at your disposal.

If your back and neck are trying to get your attention, these re-organizational healing resources can help you connect to the new resources they are calling for.

Learn about the Five Pillars of Le Coeur.

Network Spinal Analysis helps to relieve: back pain, low back pain, neck pain, anxiety, stress, sleep issues (sleeplessness), leg pain, sciatica, overall spinal care, spinal alignment, healthy lifestyle, improved health, release old patterns , mood swings, scoliosis,connectedness and posture.

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