Natural Birth

The wisdom of your body during pregnancy and birthing is profound. Your body knows what to do.  

As a woman, empowered birth is your birth right.  As a mother you become a new self, an empowered self, the sacred mother and giver of life.  This initiation can be intense and exciting, yet, it is part of the rhythmic nature of the feminine experience.  

When your unique rhythms are celebrated, pregnancy becomes a natural process rather than an illness to be managed.  The journey towards motherhood lets you discover your inner wisdom, strength and resources, preparing you for Sacred  Birth.

Working with Dr. Cindy towards an embodied birth prepares you for the depth of the physical journey of birth and allows you to release trauma that may inhibit a natural birth.  We support women in their inner biological knowingness and the reclamation of their nature.  You are the expert of your internal experience, and we value our role in helping support your pregnancy and birth choices. 

You can schedule an Embodied Birth Consultation with Dr. Cindy